PC Update Information

 Early Access Patch (Build ID #3961583) - July 03, 2019

This is a bug fix patch to address critical issues that came up in the first week of Scorched Acres. This patch explicitly does NOT contain balance fixes, since we want to make sure players have enough time to figure out new strategies and preferences with the new content.


Gameplay Changes

  • Fuel Array
    • Increase damage of Fuel Array's explosion from 100% of your health to 300% of your health
    • Fuel Array no longer pierces armor
    • Add new graphics to Fuel Array to clarify that it is not a Sticky Bomb
  • Grovetender
    • Reduce horizontal jump distance to reduce chance he yotes himself off the stage
  • Misc
    • Blood Shrines now take into account shields and barriers to make it more consistent
    • Reduce maximum number of overlay effects (burning, shielded, glass, etc) to 6 from 8 for performance

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Mercenary's Blinding Assault sometimes having double cooldowns
  • Hitting Immune characters or blocked attacks no longer applies on-hit effects
    • This is especially important for Mercenary, who was previously recieving debuffs like burning and malachite poisoning while Immune
  • Immune characters can no longer block "armor piercing" health costs (Blood Shrines, REX abilities)
  • Fix Tonic Affliction reducing maximum health and also applying curse health reduction on top of it
  • Improve performance on REX's entangle graphics
  • Fix execute threshold for being frozen showing up on player healthbars
  • Fix high overlay counts causing monsters and players to go pink and invisible
  • Fix the Artificer's Oculur HUD being stretched
  • Fix typos and formatting errors 

Early Access Scorched Acres Content Update – June 25, 2019


This is the first content update for Risk of Rain 2. With this update there is a bunch of new content as well as other general changes and quality of life improvements.

Changes with the ‘🌧︎’ icon in front of them are changes or additions suggested by the community. As always, if you want to stay up to date on the game feel free to join the General Discussion on the Gearbox Official Forums and the #FeedbackAndSuggestions channel in Discord.

Major Content and Changes

  • Added New Survivor: REX
  • Added New Stage: Scorched Acres
  • Added New Boss: Grovetender
  • Added New Elite: Malachite
    • Malachites are new high-tier elites that only spawns late. Possesses a number of unique abilities - including disabling your healing…
    • New unique visuals and SFX that signifies a Malachite elite has entered the stage
  • Added New Monster: Clay Templar
  • Added New Drone: Equipment Drone
  • Added New Drone: Incinerator Drone
  • Added New Chests: Category Chests
    • Category: Damage
    • Category: Healing
    • Category: Utility
  • Added 9 new items/equipment to the game
    • New Item: Topaz Brooch
    • New Item: Old Guillotine
    • New Item: Warhorn
    • New Item: Aegis
    • New Equipment: Eccentric Vase
    • New Equipment: Fuel Array
    • New Lunar Equipment: Spinel Tonic
    • New Boss Item: Little Disciple
    • New Boss Item: Halcyon Seed
  • Added 5 new challenges to the game
    • New Challenge: Cut Down
    • New Challenge: Warmonger
    • New Challenge: Cosmic Explorer
    • New Challenge: Blackout
    • New Challenge: Power Plant
  • Added 2 new environment logs to the game
    • New Environment Log: Scorched Acres
    • New Environment Log: Gilded Coast
  • Added 6 new lore entries to the game
    • New Lore Entry: Brittle Crown
    • New Lore Entry: Soldier’s Syringe
    • New Lore Entry: Firework
    • New Lore Entry: Rejuvenation Rack
    • New Lore Entry: War Horn
    • New Lore Entry: Abyssal Depths

Gameplay Changes 


  • Artificer
    • New Passive: ENV-Suit
    • 🌧︎ The Artificer now hovers while holding Jump.
    • Add new crosshair
    • Add new bloom effects for Firebolt
  • Mercenary
    • 🌧︎ Add true invincibility during Eviscerate and Blinding Assault.
    • 🌧︎ Add lingering invincibility for 0.6s after Eviscerate ends.
    • 🌧︎ Blinding Assault deducts 1 from stock when timed out rather than resetting it all to 0.
    • 🌧︎ Add “Safe Movement” during Eviscerate and Assaulter to reduce the chance of clipping through geometry
  • Engineer
    • Turret Base Damage: 19 ⇒ 16
  • MUL-T
    • Now comes down in a unique pod!
  • Huntress
    • 🌧︎ Raise vertical height of Arrow Rain to be more cylindrical
    • Fix Huntress Arrow Rain jump not scaling its animation speed with attack speed
    • 🌧︎ Add “Safe Movement”  during Blink to reduce the chance of clipping through geometry
    • Clean up logic in Strafe to possibly prevent double firing


  • 🌧︎ Critical Strikes no longer double/triple/quadruple/etc “dip” through the proc chain
    • On-hit items have accidentally been benefiting multiple times from critical strikes, resulting in each proc doubling in damage for huge multipliers. While neat, this was ultimately unintentional and not sustainable for the game going forward - so we’re ripping the bandaid now and fixing it. On-hit items have been compensated for the removal of power from this fix.
  • Frost Relic
    • Has been reworked in functionality
      • Now grows in size for every kill, up to a limit that increases with stacking
      • Damage: 25% (+25% per stack) per kill ⇒ 150% (+150% per stack)
      • Proc Coefficient: 0.05 ⇒ 0.2
      • Update graphics to be ~cooler~
  • Ceremonial Dagger
    • 🌧︎ Update AI to be more accurate and performant
    • Dagger Damage: 150% ⇒ 150% (+150% per stack)
    • Dagger Number: 3 daggers (+3 per stack) ⇒ 3 daggers
  • Monster Tooth
    • Healing Orb: 4 (+4 per stack) ⇒ 6 (+6 per stack)
  • AP Rounds
    • Bonus Damage: 20% (+10% per stack) ⇒ 20% (+20% per stack)
  • Chronobauble
    • Slow Duration: 1 (+1 per stack) ⇒ 2 (+2 per stack)
    • Update tier color outline to match other items
  • AtG Missile
  • Damage: 300% (+300% per stack) additive damage ⇒ 300% (+300% per stack) total damage
    • To compensate for the Crit fix, we’ve moved over on-hit effects to deal a percentage of TOTAL damage. That is, if you have a proc that deals 300% damage from an attack that hits for 100, it will hit for 300. Previously it was a complicated additive formula - this change is either neutral or a buff for every character, and GREATLY benefits slow, high-damage attacks like the Artificer’s.
  • Ukulele
    • Damage: 80% additive damage ⇒ 80% total damage
  • Meat Hook
    • Damage: 100% additive damage ⇒ 100% total damage
  • Sticky Bomb
    • Damage: 25 0% (+125% per stack) additive damage ⇒ 180% total damage
  • Runald’s Band
    • Damage: 250% (+125% per stack) additive damage ⇒ 250% (+125% per stack) total damage
  • Kjaro’s Band
    • Damage: 500% (+250% per stack) additive damage ⇒ 500% (+250% per stack) total damage
  • Brilliant Behemoth
    • Damage: 60% additive damage ⇒ 60% total damage
  • Gesture Of the Drowned
    • Cooldown Reduction: 50%(+50% per stack) ⇒ 50% (+15% per stack)
      • GoTD, unlike most other Lunar items, doesn’t have stacking drawbacks, and should therefore stack more like a Tier 2 in power.
  • Brittle Crown
    • Update Brittle Crown’s item log description to now show stacking behavior
  • N’Kuhana’s Opinion
    • Fix item pickup not having both horns highlighted


  • All Stages
    • 🌧︎ Can now spawn Legendary Chests post-loop
    • Can now spawn Category Chests
    • Enable more batched meshes to help performance
    • Update pillars, rocks, boulders, and logs causing “stuck spots” on certain maps
  • Distant Roost
    • Update grass texture
    • Add environmental particles
    • Titans on Distant Roost now properly have their ferns displayed
  • Abandoned Aqueduct
    • Fix a map hole that allowed the player to get out of bounds.
    • Can now spawn new monsters post-loop
  • Wetland Aspect
    • 🌧︎ Now contains a few alternate routes for low-mobility characters.
    • Add new boss track
  • Abyssal Depths
    • Add new ambient sounds
    • Improve performance
    • Update Navigation Nodegraph to make it easier for flying monsters and drones to navigate
    • Fix basic Chests being heavily weighted to spawn
    • Chains now disable/enable as random map permutations
    • Cave section now properly spawns monsters and interactables
      • Brighten internals of cave section
      • Add boost to map interactable spawns if the cave is open
    • Can now spawn new Drones
    • Added collision to the Crystal Braziers
    • Add another out of bounds zone above the cave to prevent falling into the cave while the gates are closed
  • Gilded Coast
    • Update environment graphics and layout
    • Increase Halcyon Beacon size
    • Prevent Beacons from spawning in the giant gold rocks
    • Add unique boss drop to the guardian of Gilded Coast
    • Add an Environment Log drop
    • Reduce cost of Halcyon Beacons from 50 to 25
    • Chests now properly scale in cost with difficulty
  • Rallypoint Delta
    • Expanded the size between scaffolding pillars to prevent certain characters getting stuck inside


  • Jellyfish
    • Nova Proc Coefficient: 1 ⇒ 2
  • Wandering Vagrant
    • Nova Proc Coefficient: 1 ⇒ 3
  • Lemurian
    • Now slows down when close range to prevent them from missing and circle strafing while biting
  • Clay Dunestrider
    • Add standable platform on Clay Dunestrider’s pot body
    • Increase inner “mulch” radius from 5 to 10 to compensate for new collision


  • 🌧︎ HUD now displays current stage count
  • Add support for new health-type: Barrier
    • Barrier is a health value that can exceed your maximum health, but degrades over time.
  • Add new stat: Curse
    • Curse is the old Shaped Glass functionality, which locks away a portion of your healthbar - it has been moved over to a generic stat so we can use it for other items in the future.
  • Disable Base Health Regeneration if on fire 

Music & SFX

  • 🌧︎ Fixed a major issue with sounds “warbling”
  • 🌧︎ Remix HDR sounds for clarity
  • In-stage music no longer runs through the music system and just plays front-to-back
  • Add new boss track
  • Update some existing stage tracks
  • Assign Wandering Vagrant’s proper M2 sound
  • Assign Engineer Turret’s proper attack sound
  • 🌧︎ Add new SFX for Commando’s M1
  • 🌧︎ Add new SFX for MUL-T’s Rebar Puncher
  • Add fall damage sounds to all characters
  • Add Engineer sounds to Bubble Shield
  • A ton of other tweaks to SFX! 


  • 🌧︎ Update User Profile save procedure to perform the actual write-to-disk on the main thread instead of a worker thread to prevent profile corruption. This should reduce the chance of corrupted save-files - please let us know if we screwed this up somehow!
  • 🌧︎ Add option in Settings to remove sprint sensitivity reduction
  • Remove unnecessary character logic from running on clients - this should lead to a large performance boost for clients in an online game!
  • 🌧︎ Updated the Imp Overlords Hurtboxes to properly match the size of the model
  • 🌧︎ Change post process of Overloading Worm to brighten instead of darken
  • 🌧︎ Increased the Monster logs despawn timer from 1 minute to 5 minutes
  • 🌧︎ Updated the packs from Bandolier and Monster Tooth to flash before despawning
  • 🌧︎ Update the Cost Labels on Interactables to stand out more from the rest of the stage
  • 🌧︎ Add 0.5s cooldown to repeatedly using The Backup equipment
  • 🌧︎ Add Spectator Label to the HUD saying who you’re spectating online
  • 🌧︎ Player healthbars now flash when at low health
  • Update shrine symbols to be non-additive to help clarity in certain maps
  • Add some damping to Wisp and Jellyfish bodies so they aren’t flung as far
  • Revisit Director AI to prevent stall cases when spawning monsters and bosses
  • 🌧︎ Update cost strings to use language entries so they can be localized
  • Reduce shake amplitude of Beetle Guard sunder by 66%
  • Set soft player team character limit to 20 to prevent severe performance issues late in the game
  • Grant kill credit to last attacker for enemies that fall out the map
  • Increase size of Item Bar on the HUD to properly envelope 2 rows
  • Change pinging to use a raycast instead of old targetfinder to make it easier to ping enemies
  • Set up Wandering Vagrant, Clay Dunestrider, and Stone Titan corpses to properly disappear over time
  • Update graphics of Celestial Portal to be more noticeable
  • Add names to Portals
  • Change damage with no team assigned to be Grey
  • Increase matchmaking wait duration from 20s to 30s 

Bug Fixes

  • 🌧︎ Refactor all projectiles with seeking behavior so they don’t target dead enemies
  • 🌧︎ Update the rotation of Soulbound Catalyst on MUL-T to no longer be upside down
  • Fix Chest emissions using the wrong texture
  • 🌧︎ Fix Monster Logs not dropping on Drizzle difficulty
  • 🌧︎ Fix misnamed language token in profile creation screen
  • 🌧︎ Fix holes in the ceiling of the Bazaar
  • Fix the Ice Crown on Brass Contraptions hanging in the air after death
  • Improved interpolation of characters online
  • 🌧︎ Fix Engineer sprint sounds not playing first time sprinting on a stage
  • 🌧︎ Fix an issue with the Gnarled Woodsprite healing the player every time it was picked up
  • 🌧︎ Fix ‘Enable Damage Numbers’ not saving between playthroughs
  • Fix equipment targets not being updated at the moment of firing (i.e Woodsprite not being able to select targets with Gesture)
  • Fix Bison charge effect being on the wrong layer and showing through walls
  • Clear idle animation for Hermit Crabs after they die
  • Advancing through intermissions no longer counts as an addition to stages passed or maximum stages cleared
  • Alternate equipment slot for MUL-T now counts towards ‘Moon Worshipper’ achievement
  • Prevent attacks with proc coefficient 0 applying Crowd Control effects like the Behemoth + Snapfreeze
  • Set interrupt priority of frozen state to be higher than stun state to fix issues with the Artificer Snapfreeze being interrupted by Stun Grenades

Fix a variety of typos

Early Access Patch (Build ID #3830295)


In this patch we are adding full localization support! We now have official translations for Portuguese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and Japanese.

These can be enabled by Right-clicking on "Risk of Rain 2" in your Steam Library and going to the language tab at the top. Select from the dropdown what language you want to start the game in and hit close.

There are also bug fixes associated with this patch, these fixes can be found below:

Bug Fixes

  • Director no longer stops spawning monsters late in the game
  • Director logic in selecting/skipping monsters to spawn has been cleaned up
  • Reorganize fall damage code to try to fix issues with the server reporting false fall damage hits
  • Fix an issue where every item pickup saved immediately to disk, causing a stutter
  • Picking up new equipment with Gesture of the Drowned no longer fires every frame
  • Fix bosses and monsters sometimes spawning behind closed gates on Wetland Aspect
  • Game now launches with 60 fps cap on by default to help with certain GPUs. This can be turned off in the settings.
  • Fix pings occasionally having weird scaling issues
  • Pinging monsters is now more precise
  • Fix Imp Overlord's void spikes not having their proc coefficient properly assigned. This means that you will bleed and burn for a longer duration from that attack.
  • Losing max shields now properly removes extra shield
  • Fix networking of objective panel display for clients on the Gilded Coast
  • Dramatically improve performance for specific canvases (Character Select, Main Menu, etc)
  • Revise UI texts to support localization efforts
    • Fix alignment issue in Game End Panel's class
    • Fix wrapping issue in Objective panel for long objectives
    • Add lots of missing token strings into files to aid translations
    • Fix wrapping issue in title screen buttons
    • Fix wrong style for Prismatic Trial buttons
    • Fix wrapping issues in settings buttons
    • Fix truncation issue in logbook names
    • Fix various other wrapping and styling issues prevalent in different languages

Early Access Patch (Build ID #3743353)
This hotfix patch is to address a bug added in Build ID #3731106
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where enemies executed from freezing didn’t call the correct events, leading to no money, on-kill procs, and potentially a stalled Teleporter event.

Early Access Patch (Build ID #3731106)

A patch for Risk of Rain 2 Early Access is going live today, April 16th, 2019!

This patch is to address a ton of the more severe bugs we couldn’t safely patch in the first week, especially associated with connection or de-sync issues. It also comes alongside some balancing, and also a slight reworking of some Elite affix behaviors to try to make them all equally threatening. Below is a full list of the changes included in this patch.

You might noticed that a lot of these fixes are Community Found or a Community Suggestion. Risk of Rain 2 is still in Early Access, and we are paying attention to the community. These suggestions are coming from the General Discussion on the forums and the Feedback and Suggestions channel in Discord. If YOU have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to voice them in either location!

If you experience any issues regarding the update, or in general, please contact submit a ticket using the link above.

Gameplay Changes 

  • Fire Elites
    • [Community Suggestion] Rework burning calculation with unique new burning damage type
      • Number of stacks of Burning on the player are now visible in the buff bar.
      • Burning is now capped at 5% of your health a second PER stack. Just to be clear - this is a nerf. It’ll always hit for less this patch.
      • Now ticks at twice the frequency (but same overall damage).
      • This damage type has also now been applied to the Magma Worm’s impact and fireball damage, alongside Elder Lemurian’s fire breath
      • The intent here is to make it clear to the player what exactly a burn DOES, regardless of how it's applied. Players never were told by the game that burning actually stacks. If you have a certain number of burn stacks, you will now be aware of exactly how much that will hit for. Overall this should make the burns way less bursty and way more consistent, also allowing heal over time effects to help counteract. The intent is NOT to make the entire game easier, or to make burns never kill you. Fire elites are the only purely offensive elite-type, so they should be causing deaths. It should just feel less BS now.
  • Ice Elites
    • Rework ice bomb
      • Improved graphics for ice bomb left when killed to be more clear.
      • Ice bomb damage reduced from 350% to 150%
      • Ice bomb damage is no longer reduced at the edge of the radius
      • Ice bomb now FREEZES characters in the radius for 1.5s
      • Fire elites have always been the most threatening type, with the other 2 being pretty easy. The hope here is that after the nerf of the Fire affix, the Ice affix can now also be respected as a serious threat. The improved visuals should help clarify what the ice affix actually does - most players don’t seem to notice it drops a bomb at all. We’re starting with a low freeze duration to test how it feels.
  • Lightning Elites
    • Lightning bombs from Lightning Elites now properly attach to players.
    • Lightning elites now always spawn at full shields
    • Improved lightning bomb graphics
  • Magma Worm
    • [Community Suggestion] Now switches between two modes of movement.
      • Leaping: goes high in the air, raining fireballs when it impacts the ground. This was the Magma worm’s only previous stance.
      • Grounded: Snakes low but fast around on the ground.
      • The intent is to give a break from the Worm’s constant leaping and to give short range characters a chance to attack. The Worm should also be an intense fight, not a slog.
    • [Community Suggestion] Reduced armor from 20 to 15 to make it less tanky.
    • [Community Suggestion] Can now jump off of platforms so it doesn’t get stuck on certain ledges.
  • A Moment, Fractured
    • [Community Suggestion] Obliteration now grants all participating players 5 lunar coins.
      • People want a legit way to get more lunar coins, and there’s currently no purpose on obliterating past the first time. This should help alleviate both.
  • Helfire Tincture
    • Increase radius from 6m to 9m.
  • Stone Titan
    • [Community Suggestion] Reduce proc coefficient per tick of his laser from 1 to 0.15.
    • This primarily affects the duration of burning effects.
  • Hermit Crab
    • [Community Suggestion] Reduce proc coefficient of mortar attack from 3 to 0.5.
      • *This primarily affects the duration of burning effects.
    • [Community Suggestion] Increase base health from 100 to 150.
  • Imp
    • [Community Suggestion] Reduce base health from 250 to 200.
  • Artificer
    • [Community Suggestion] Increase Artificer proc coefficient on Flame Bolt from 0.2 to 1.
    • [Community Suggestion] Increase Artificer proc coefficient on Snap Freeze pillars from 0 to 1.
    • [Community Suggestion] Increase Artificer’s Snap Freeze explosion radius from 1.5m to 2.5m to alleviate it not always freezing enemies who trigger it
    • Artificer mistakenly had very low proc coefficients. Consider these bug fixes.
  • Huntress
    • Arrow Rain proc coefficient raised from 0.1 to 0.2 per tick.
      • Arrow Rain had a very low proc coefficient because of its AoE dot status, but it was unnecessarily low.
  • Mercenary
    • Extend timeout duration to recast Blinding Assault from 2s to 3s
      • Small QoL. Allows Merc to be able to cast his other abilities between recasts of Blinding Assault without losing his recasts.
  • Commando
    • Improved FMJ impact graphics
      • We think that a majority of the Commando’s problems are actually VFX and SFX making him feel weak and boring. This is a small first step towards that. A full pass will be done in a later patch.
  • Misc
    • [Community Suggestion] Time now pauses in intermission stages (A Moment, Bazaar, etc)
    • [Community Suggestion] Add 3 second invincibility period when first spawning into a map.
    • [Community Suggestion] Add localized formatting for numbers in the scoreboard (i.e it will now say 1,234,567 instead of 1234567.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a MAJOR issue with preplaced networked objects. This issue was especially frequent for clients with better performance specs than their host. This should fix at least the following bugs:
    • [Community Found] Map assets (portals, shop contents, Teleporters) will no longer sometimes be missing for clients
    • [Community Found] Clients will no longer be stuck in the pod when entering a stage
    • [Community Found] Clients will no longer be stuck mid-air when entering a stage
    • [Community Found] Clients will no longer be unable to select a character if joining from one networked session to another
    • [Community Found] Clients will no longer be missing out-of-bound zones, causing them to fall forever
  • [Community Found] Allow changes in maximum health/shield to instantly fill that missing amount. This means that Wake of Vultures / Transcendence will no longer give you empty shield.
  • [Community Found] Improved spawn logic to reduce chances of spawning through the floor
  • [Community Found] Clean up Engineer Turret skill drivers to fix their AI not working sometimes
  • [Community Found] MUL-T’s secondary Equipment will no longer inherit the cooldown of the first when picking up Equipment off the floor
  • Improved collision detection of Helfire aura
  • Update Elite naming for localization and appearance in pings
  • Prevent pre-placed map objects spawning into dynamically spawned ones
  • [Community Found] Clean up Save procedures to reduce chance of save corruption
  • [Community Found] Names for reconnected players will now appear correctly instead of ???
  • [Community Found] Bloom can now be turned off in the settings
  • Frozen material overlay now properly always display
  • Update Huntress strafing animation to blend properly. Fix incorrect normal textures. Add missing jump animation.
  • [Community Found] Fix Artificer’s Snap Freeze explosion radius not being large enough to always freeze enemies who trigger it
  • Fix AI sometimes considering itself as a target for friendly searches
  • [Community Found] Fix Engi being able to sometimes get more than 2 turrets
  • [Community Found] Fix Merc being able to take major fall damage during dashing attacks. This is actually a significant portion of blazing deaths - you dash in, get set to 1, and then get ticked for that last point of health.
  • [Community Found] Remove typo in Engineer description
  • [Community Found] Fix slider value text scrolling past the mask in the options menu
  • Imp Overlords no longer blink off into the distance if no viable target is found
  • [Community Found] Brass Contraption bodies can no longer be targetted by clients
  • Radar Scanner now properly identifies teleporters and barrels
  • Correct some typos
  • Reducing screenshake no longer reduces controller vibrations
  • Controller vibration no longer persists into the main menu after quitting a run


  • Reduce particle system noise quality to improve performance.
  • Allow use of the Pause menu in character select
  • Slightly increase bloom threshold in Abyssal Depths to be less glowy.

Early Access Patch (Build ID #3703355)
This patch is to address critical bugs and issues we've seen in the first week, amongst some minor balance changes.
Gameplay Changes
  • Prismatic Trials
    • Add Friends-Only Leaderboard
    • Update Global Leaderboard to be around your current position in the Leaderboard
  • MUL-T
    • Reduce base movement speed from 9 to 7 to match all other Survivors
    • Reduce base damage from 12 to 11
    • Increase Transport Mode speed boost from 200% to 220% to compensate for his lost base movement speed.
    • We really really don't like to nerf characters in general - these are very light touches, and the movement speed being higher was an oversight. We also want to make sure that MUL-T's big success isn't coming from its ability to abuse Ocular HUD for infinite crits.
  • Imp Overlord
    • Remove passive regen
    • Increase base damage from 13 to 16
    • The boss fight was a big of a slog if you had lower DPS because of the boss' natural regen. Higher damage should make the boss fight more intense.
  • Teleporter
    • Add slight rim glow
    • Increase teleporter passive particle radius from 38 to 60. Increase particle count so density remains the same.
    • A lot of players are having issues finding the Teleporter. Players are starting to notice the passive particles indicating the teleporter is around - we will try increasing the radius to see if it helps. The rim glow will help distinguish it from identically colored surfaces. This is intended to be a fairly big change - if it turns out we jumped the gun and the community was simply learning, we can approach a middle ground.

Bug Fixes

  • Corrupted save files no longer prevent the game from initializing past the first splash screen. We will continue to figure out why exactly they are being corrupted in the first place.
  • Refactor Multiplayer connection setup to be more stable - hopefully less weird half-states on connecting to other players.
  • Selecting the "Quit to Menu" pause menu option from the Prismatic trials no longer temporarily shows the main menu.
  • Engineering Perfection challenge can no longer be completed by starting 30 levels without finishing them.
  • Environment logs now count towards the 10 logs challenge.
  • Equipment - Royal Capacitor now requires line of sight to use.
  • When playing with a controller, pressing the confirm button at the main menu will no longer choose the last option that was hovered onto.
  • Revert button text now properly becomes highlighted when functional.
  • The Mercenary is now properly targeted by enemies after he uses a non-primary skill.
  • Multiplayer: Characters no longer come back to life after dying in a multiplayer game, leaving it and joining it back.
  • Monster Tooth: The Monster Tooth healing orbs heal amount now match the description.
  • Multiplayer: Acquired Items now properly show up in the Item bar or the Info Screen after leaving a multiplayer game and joining it back.
  • Names can no longer extend beyond the profile text box in the main menu
  • Large profile names can no longer overlap the Back button and run off of the screen
  • The Enter Quickplay button of the Multiplayer Menu no longer needs to be pressed twice to start searching a lobby when using a controller.
  • Holding the Primary Skill Button down while activating Ocular HUD and shooting with Mul-T Auto-Nailgun no longer deals infinite critical damage.
  • Back button in Prismatic Trials' character select no longer returns you to the main menu
  • Falloff models for delayed blast attacks (Titan Fist, Ice Affix Death, Willowisp) are now properly assigned. This may cause them to do more damage than before.
  • Quickplay launch time is now properly Time Zone independent


  • Error messages now tell you when the host is shut down
  • Remove collision from Teleporter nub to prevent monsters getting stuck
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