Project 1v1 Update and Hotfix Info

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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Closed Technical Test 1.1

We have been taking the last several days to digest the feedback we’ve received thus far, and while we couldn’t address every issue, we’ve made many improvements as well as balance changes.  We’d really like to stress that we’ve read ALL feedback, and although some of it remains unaddressed, that is sometimes because we haven’t finalized our plans for change, or didn’t find the time to make the changes yet!  A huge thanks go out to everyone who gave their time and/or feedback in this test.  Keep it coming!


IMPORTANT! For this second and last part of CTT, all player levels and cards are level 8, which is the cap.  The purpose of this change is to eliminate the adverse effects on matchmaking quality while in the low population environment of this closed test.  We apologize for anyone that showed up, got a bad MMR + level matchup, and had no chance of having a fun match.  While bad MMR matchups can still happen in the low population environment, removing the factor of player/card growth will help a lot.  Enjoy!


CTT Build 41 Changelist 

  • All players and cards are automatically level 8 and capped, to ease low population issues
  • Rocket Launcher fire rate is now 1 second, up from .8
  • Self damage on weapons now 20%, increased from 10%.  (Rocket jump will now do around 8-10)
  • Rockets now only collide with other actors and the crosshair destination in the world, so it never clips on nearby geometry
  • Vampiric Bat Form now charges after 100 damage, up from 75
  • Vampiric Bat Form now returns a flat 100 health, instead of max health
  • Bit Blaster Orb now refunds max charges, instead of 1 charge, making it pair well with all charge-based abilities
  • Bit Blaster projectiles are slower, do less damage, but they are now homing when the orb isn’t out!
  • Bit Blaster Orb now tends to move toward the player when charged
  • Increased Tesla Coil damage per second to 90, up from 80
  • Recall pad now has an arrow, which will now determine the player direction after teleportation
  • Reduced how often a player is revealed while cloaked with Cinders of Illusion
  • Excalibur pedestal now has 350 health, up from 300
  • Excalibur dashes at fixed distance when there is no target, for better pit avoidance
  • Sentry HUD icon now indicates when the Sentry is deployed
  • Phase Reverse now prevents players from phase reversing into a pit
  • Removed Mini from the Arena map list.  Mini is now only available in Challenge matches and Dojo.
  • A match is now automatically won if the opponent goes idle for too long
  • Sneak no longer jitters in non-zero ping environments
  • Made HUD damage indicators more prominent
  • Fixed bug so player damage sounds are now playing on dedicated servers
  • Added first pass on crosshair customization

Thursday, September 7, 2017

CTT Build 21 Changelist

  • Players now receive a “support crate” when they lose a ranked match.
  • Lobby activities should have less of a negative impact on game performance.
  • Added graphics options for Vsync and resolution scale.
  • It is now possible to spectate Ranked matches.
  • Hangout menu button indicates unread chat messages.
  • Fixed bug that caused post-match screen to disappear before the player pressed OK.
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