We Happy Few - PC Update and Hotfix Info

Saturday October 20th, 2018

We Happy Few 1.5 Release Notes

Platform specific versions:


Windows: 1.5.XXXXX 

Patch Summary

This patch contains performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes

for gameplay bugs, and localization fixes.

General Bugs/Stability

  • Framerate improvements across all platforms.
  • Memory use improvements across all platforms.
  • Can no longer use seating when occupied by NPCs.
  • NPCs can no longer slide while in idle state, or when interacted with in specific circumstances.
  • NPCs no longer start gliding off benches and remaining in sitting stance.
  • Talking to one of the two NPCs sitting on a Bench as a couple can no longer cause the other to slide off.
  • NPCs now sit on benches correctly in all cases. We hope.
  • WorldGen: Large cliffs will no longer spawn in front of bridges, blocking main path progression.
  • Worldgen: Eel Pie Holm can no longer spawn overlapping into Barrow Holm Island.
  • Fixed a number of rare and random crash issues.
  • Fixed crash caused by soaking for an extended period of time in-game, in the Pause menu or in the Player menus.
  • Fixed rare crash caused by continuing a previously saved game from the main menu.
  • Ollie: Fixed crash caused by hitting continue after death.
  • Ollie: Fixed rare freeze when NPCs are defeated by punching the Spiky Suit.
  • Ollie: Having more than one unique item (Padded Suit in this case), will no longer permanently place it in the inventory when moving it to and from the stash, which previously lead to a loss of functionality.
  • Fast traveling past toxic fog in V01 to V01 will no longer cause the player to lose health.
  • Pipe smoking NPCs no longer float a few feet in the air. Unlike Canada, Wellington Wells does not believe in being high.
  • The player can no longer take damage while the game is loading as a result of running through the village.
  • Sally - Ratholm: Multiple yellow flower patches no longer cause a performance drop while hiding in them.
  • Sally - Unsafe House: General Byng now has facial animation when he screams while he attacks.
  • Sally: Fixed rare cases of players being stuck in a black screen for 35 seconds after feeding Gwen and answering the door.
  • UI - Sally/OIlie: Starting max weights for Ollie and Sally now appear correctly from the start (previously appeared as 100 until a save/load was performed).


  • Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: Fixed rare crash caused by using a save from 1.0, then obtaining the ''Shut Down the Quarantine Protocol'' objective.
  • Arthur - Beginning of the Endocrine - Bring the Extracts to the Chemist: Fixed infinite cutscene occurring when talking then moving away and skipping the cutscene before Stewart starts talking.
  • Arthur - Looks Like Rain: Mrs Pankhurst no longer occasionally immediately becomes hostile or remains hostile stopping Arthur from completing the quest.
  • Arthur - Oh, Behave! - Watching the Uncle Jack etiquette minute show no longer gives the "I Hear You - Whose Uncle Are You? " collectible - collectible must now be gained in the intended way.
  • Arthur - Speaker's Corner: Fixed rare crash when navigating to the third flyer location.
  • Arthur - Start Spreading The News: Idle chat about coffee from the co-workers in the office no longer distracts Arthur during the cutscene with the chief.
  • Arthur - The Faraday Cage: Fixed crash when player was sprinting to complete the quest.
  • Arthur - Walkabout: Mum's ghost can no longer go through hills and then stay stuck underground.
  • Arthur - The Great Stink: Fixed crash caused by entering steam stream on 3rd floor of control room 3.
  • Arthur - The House of the Inventor: Fixed the game crashing on rare occasions during the loading screen after dying from the poison gas trap.
  • Arthur: Fixed uncommon crash caused by using a save from 1.0, when Arthur exits or enter the Wellington Under shelter via the ladder.
  • Ollie - Jericho: Fixed freeze caused by loading a 1.0 save file and then obtaining the ''Defuse the Bomb!'' objective.
  • Sally - "The Salty Dog": One of the Cap'n's chests can no longer be opened before acquiring the key.
  • Sally - Connect The Dots: Navigating to the Garden district during the objective "Visit Arthur In The Garden District" no longer causes an infinite load screen.
  • Sally - Millihelen: Corporal Hardy, like other pipe smokers, no longer floats in the air while smoking a pipe in the boathouse.
  • Sally: The apothecary's inventory is no longer occasionally empty.
  • Sally: The prompt to feed Gwen is no longer present after installing the Baby Feeder and progressing. Also fixed old save games that ran into the permanent debuff issue.

Collision and Stuck Spots

  • Fixed invisible collision in Nick Lightbearer's house causing a stuck spot when jumping near the table.
  • Arthur: Fixed stuck spot when jumping down from the Health Institute's area to a lower section in the District Parade.
  • Arthur: Fixed stuck spot when mantling the right side of a fountain located to the left of the Health Institute in the Parade District.
  • Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: Fixed stuck spot on the second floor to the right behind a white cart.
  • Arthur - Barrow Holm: Fixed stuck spot by climbing on a broken building nearby Edenham and jumping behind some debris.
  • Arthur - Barrow Holm: Fixed stuck spot when jumping between a tree and a rock on the left side of the Headboy Camp.
  • Arthur - Brittania: Fixed several stuck spots caused by jumping from the steam blower that's just before the Joy Detector.
  • Arthur - Britannia: Fixed stuck spot located behind a few wooden crates to the right of the stairwell after the downer detector booths trapping Arthur.
  • Arthur - Britannia: Fixed stuck spot in the control room, between the wall and the file cabinets.
  • Arthur - Britannia: Fixed rare crash when using a 1.0 save from the start of Britannia, when going back to the main menu and loading a save from the first objective.
  • Arthur - Haworth Labs: Fixed invisible collision behind a control panel and a stack of barrels located in the second part of the conveyor belt area trapping Arthur behind them.
  • Arthur - Haworth Labs: Fixed invisible collision behind a few objects in the secret office causing Arthur to remain trapped behind them.
  • Arthur - Haworth Labs: Fixed invisible collision between the cylindrical container and tarp covered containers causing Arthur to remain trapped.
  • Arthur - Lilies of the Field: No longer possible to bypass the collision on a set of cardboard boxes inside the shed found in the secret garden temporarily trapping Arthur.
  • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot in the debris of an unmarked ruined house near the left corner of the map.
  • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot located in the debris of a broken down home near the abandoned house containing the motilene.
  • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot in a broken building next to Dr. Faraday's house.
  • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot located in the debris of a broken down home near the abandoned house containing the motilene.
  • Arthur - Lud's Holm: Fixed stuck spot to the left of the large wooden entrance of the altar of the yam.
  • Arthur - Malpractice of Doctors: Added collision on the upper wall of a corner on the second floor of the Health Institute, preventing the player from getting outside of the level.
  • Arthur - Military Camp: No longer possible to mantle out of the camp using the tank that Arthur jumps into during the cutscene.
  • Arthur - Mystery House: Fixed stuck spot when Arthur jumps onto the second large tree found in the courtyard near the rear entrance.
  •  Arthur - Mystery House: Fixed stuck spot between the piano and the bookcase in the left part of the ceremonial room.
  •  Arthur - Parade District: Removed invisible collisions present on the road at the junction toward the DSIR building.
  • Arthur - Point of Departure: Removed stuck spot in corner of the rocky mound after exiting the first window and viewing the second cutscene in the train station.
  • Arthur - Point of Departure: Vaulting back up the left part of the cliff near the garbage can and pile of debris on the bridge no longer can cause Arthur to remain trapped in the ground.
  • Arthur - Rorke's Drift Bridge: Save/Load after prying open the vent no longer keeps it locked.
  • Arthur - Rorke's Drift Bridge: Vaulting over the stone base of the statue in front of the church can no longer cause Arthur to move into a permanent stuck spot.
  • Arthur - St-George's Holm: Prevented stuck spot from climbing an invisible collision near the Workbench inside St-George's Holm secondary hatch.
  • Arthur - The Faraday Cage: Fixed misaligned collision on the left wall of the Faraday house, previously allowing Arthur to bypass the wall and remain trapped.
  • Arthur - The Great Stink: Fixed stuck spot between a pipe and the window in the room with the poisonous gas.
  • Arthur - Thomasina House: Fixed Arthur being able to vault out of the window located up  the right stairwell and then remain trapped within the walls of the house.
  • Military Camp - Distillery: Climbing on top of the Maintenance Cabinet near the tree no longer causes the character to get into a stuck spot.
  • Military Camp: No longer possible to reach a stuck spot when jumping from the roof of the Depot building and mantling on top of a wired fence.
  • Ollie - A Dead Man's Best Friend: The player obtaining the Salty Dog before obtaining the quest no longer causes a progression break.
  • Sally - Ex Cathedra: Fixed stuck spot by the exit of the train station
  • Sally - Ratholm: Fixed misaligned collision on the large tree near the keycard reader, previously resulting in multiple stuck spots.
  • Sally - Ratholm: Fixed stuck spot between the wall and a pipe on the right, near the toxic waste water pipe.
  • Sally - Ratholm: Fixed stuck spot on top of toxic waste pipes between a pipe and the catwalk.
  • Sally - Reservations: Fixed stuck spot between a couch and the wall, in the room with the poison pot.
  • Sally - Sally's Place: Fixed stuck spot between the wall and the round chair inside of Sally's bedroom.


  • Arthur: Weapon "The Staff" now is translated across all languages.
  • All notes should now appear in the player’s language of choice.
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Many lines during the talk between Arthur and Ollie in the bunker now correctly appear in the player’s chosen language (and not English).
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Multiple lines during the talk between Arthur and Ollie in the Train Station Tower now appear in the player’s chosen language (and not English).
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Two lines during the talk between Arthur and Ollie in the train station now appear in the player’s chosen language (and not English).
  • Chinese: Long dashes no longer appear as two small dashes in Chinese.
  • French: Wakey, Wakey: Translation for "Blower" is now "Tube Pneumatique" and not "Expirateur" in the objective.
  • French: Trespassing warning message no longer has translation error.
  • French: The gender of "Joy" is now (correctly) female instead of male.
  • French: Every instance of Foggy Jack's "c'est tout pour aujourd'hui" has been replaced with "c'est tout pour vous aujourd'hui".
  • Spanish: Fixed translation error for "¡Los Cabezones molan!"
  • Ollie: "The Jacobean Society Rules" note is now translated in Chinese.
  • Phenocycline Jab flavor text is now translated in supported languages.
  • "The English Vice" objective is now translated in all languages.
  • The Targeting Reticle (Game & HUD) option in the menu is now translated in all languages.
  • Two strings when entering into the Odds and Ends no longer appear in English when playing in any other language.
  • General fixes for Chinese.
  • General fixes for French.
  • General fixes for Italian.
  • General fixes for Japanese.
  • General fixes for Portuguese
  • General fixes for Russian.

UWP only

  • Throwing all your items on the ground and quitting to main menu no longer makes the game crash if it’s running on “Ultra” graphical settings.
  • Arthur - No Exit: Game no longer crashes when Arthur attempts to enter the Lud's Holm shelter at night while in combat with a hooligan.

Monday September 24, 2018


Platform specific versions:

Windows: 1.4.XXXXX


Patch Summary


The second post-launch patch for We Happy Few addresses performance optimization, crash fixes, progression blockers, some gameplay bugs, and a couple of small balance issues.


We will continue to work on performance and gameplay improvements after this update.


General Bugs/Stability


  • Performance Improvements: CPU/hard drive optimizations implemented, meaning that there will be improved framerate and fewer textures and objects showing up at the wrong level of detail. 
  • Performance Improvements: Memory leaks fixed meaning that the game should crash much less frequently on console.
  • NPCs will no longer teleport/attach directly to you during combat.
  • Fixed black screen transitions on weather changes when travelling through the world.
  • The VO line 'Arthur Hastings! I thought you'd turned into a-- oh, never mind, here you are!' no longer occurs when playing as Sally or Ollie.
  • Fixed rare cases where players reported seeing duplicate assets (Doors, and even cinematic characters).
  • Crashes fixes for a wide range of issues.
  • Fast Traveling to a hatch farther than around 200m after interacting with the package no longer crashes the game.
  • Arthur - Fixed game occasionally crashing when a loading screen occurs after reaching the Parade District and going back to the Garden District.
  • Fixed frequent crash when reloading a saved game in the parade district a few seconds after loading is over.
  • Fixed crash caused by save/loading in Apple Holm station before point of no return.
  •  Fixed crash caused by reloading the autosave created every time Arthur crosses from Barrow Holm to Eel Pie Holm when Arthur has progressed a good distance from the bridge.
  • Fixed the game occasionally crashing at the end of the unlock animation when acquiring the documents portraying Faraday's whereabouts in the Bobby HQ.
  • Fixed crash when giving NPC a quest item and immediately fast traveling.
  • Fixed crash in Malpractice of Doctors caused by save/loading inside the encounter
  • Fixed crash when moving into combat while on the Plassey Bridge.
  • Fixed crash caused by fast traveling or streaming in/out after dropping the possibly heinous package.
  • Fixed occasional crashing during the loading screen when fast traveling to the Barrow Holm Track Access Hatch from another island.
  • Fixed occasional crash when answering the door and skipping the cutscene as Sally.
  • Fixed occasional crash after Arthur’s Hostile Takeover/document control checkpoint.
  • Fixed crash in The Still Of The Night when rapidly filling bottles with strange alcohol.
  • Fixed many small / one off crashes.




  • Weapon "The Staff" appears in English when playing in another language.
  • Dark Linen can now be found in Arthur’s playing, allowing him to craft the Fab Threads.
  • Fast Travel: Removed the non-functional/misleading "Travel" prompt when interacting on the map with a controller.
  • Skill Tree: Fatal food poisoning status effect will now not go away when unlocking the Iron Stomach skill.
  • Skill Tree: The Tireless skill now works as intended
  • Map markers for shops will now show up from further away.
  • Power cells, empty power cells and canteens will no longer be auto stored in the stash. Now, they live in the gadgets/gadgets/survival categories in the inventory menu and you will have to store them manually.
  • Teacups now appear in the crafting components category of the Inventory, and will be stored as part of the “Place All” crafting components option.
  • Player will no longer be stunned by bees while wearing a Padded Suit or other thick suits.
  • The Bee Cannon no longer loses all its bees after reloading the game.
  • Lead Pipes wrongly classified as Heavy weapons, now just regular weapons.
  • Ollie: Can no longer fast travel to Parade District without opening the hatch in the Parade District.
  • Loading the Last Shelter Visited Save after completing a safehouse quest, will no longer cause it to become stuck in the journal.
  • Sally: Dexipam recipe can no longer be found systemically, which could lead to duplicate recipes being awarded.


Quest fixes


  • Arthur/Ollie - Honey from the Bee Tree now lootable in all situations.
  • Arthur - The Germany memory will now appear in the Theatre after collecting it.
  • Arthur - When using a save from 1.0, Arthur would be unable to complete Track Access Hatch quests. Now he can.
  • Arthur - WorldGen: Bobby HQ will now spawn in all cases.
  • Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: The effect of coconut joy no longer stays until save/load.
  • Arthur - Band of Brothers: Closing the door and going to the main menu right after unlocking the door to the dump can no longer create a progression break.
  • Arthur - Britannia: Sometimes, infinite loading would occur after watching the last cutscene.
  • Arthur - Cub Reporter: Dying while in Gemma's house could lead to infinite loading.
  • Arthur - Finding Faraday: Ask the Duty Officer: Running around the Bobby HQ could cause a freeze.
  • Arthur - Finding Faraday: Wellington Wells Constabulary becomes shuttered in at night, players can now leave if they don’t want to wait.
  • Arthur - Hostile Takeover: The cutscene outside of Hostile Takeover that gives the player Future Perfect will now play in all cases.
  • Arthur - House of Curious Behaviors: The red bobby will now always open the gate if the player save/loads after entering the House for the first time.
  • Arthur - Malpractice of Doctors: Returning to main menu while deactivating quarantine protocols no longer can lead to a loss of functionality.
  • Arthur - Malpractice of Doctors: Returning to the main menu during the experiment saves the game despite the message saying it won't, leading to multiple save/load issues. Now correctly does not save.
  • Arthur - Malpractice of Doctors: Fighting in the Joy Detector beam no longer causes the game to freeze.
  • Arthur - Mother's Little Helper: You can now pick up the notes by the table after all save/load conditions, no longer blocks quest progress.
  • Arthur - Mystery House: NPCs now react to Arthur when returning to the encounter, after performing a save/load during the objective "Neutralize the cultist".
  • Arthur - Possibly Heinous Package: Easier now to pick up the package.
  • Arthur - Superb Meat Boy: Killing the Plough boys before they leave the alley no longer results in a blocker.
  • Arthur - The Slaughterer's Apprentice: Getting shocked while in a trashcan no longer breaks progression.
  • Arthur - Slaughterer's Apprentice: The broken eviscerator part now won’t fall through the floor after using the machine the first time.
  • Arthur - You Can't Beat The Odds: The Plough Boys will now always enter the shop, allowing the progress to continue.
  • Arthur - A Model Citizen: Doing a save/load before taking the reward no longer causes the player to be unable to move.
  • Arthur - A Model Citizen: Going away from the quest location during the objective "Help the Models" no longer blocks progression.
  • Arthur - In the Still of the Night: Player can now progress by filling a bottle with the strange alcohol.
  • Arthur - Plough Boy's Lunch: Placing Ed down then performing a save/load no longer causes Ed to be buried alive (spawn underground).
  • Arthur - Future Perfect: The lever for rotating the machines in the DSIR will now always be rotated correctly.
  • Arthur - The Faraday Cage: It is now possible to load a saved game that was created during the Faraday Cage questline while using a save from 1.0.
  • Arthur - The Great Stink: Performing a save/load after picking up the "Jubilator Grand Derby" note no longer causes the lore to be placed in notes twice.
  • Arthur: The Great Stink: The Jubilator in the tunnel no longer gets stuck in place.
  • Arthur - The Two Musketeers: Fixed occasional infinite loading when going back to main menu before and after the last cutscene.
  • Arthur - Point of Departure: Fixed saving and quitting after the flash back causing Arthur to respawn stuck on the camp island, depending on world generation.
  • Arthur - A Malpractice of Doctors: Fixed missing subtitles for the announcer when arriving at the Wellington Health Institute top floor.
  • Arthur - Britannia: Final cutscene now has subtitles.
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Fixed lines during the talk in the bunker appearing in English when playing in another language.
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Fixed lines during the talk in the Train Station Tower appearing in English when playing in another language
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Two lines during the talk between Arthur and Ollie in the train station appears in English when playing in another language.
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Cult of Jack: Subtitles, objectives and descriptions were in English when playing in another language.
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Turning the subtitle option on at the military base entrance no longer displays a full page of dialogue obstructing the player's view, even though that was kind of funny.
  • Arthur - Subtitles: Two strings when entering into the Odds and Ends appear in English when playing in any other language
  • Ollie - Manned Flight: Performing a save/load at the back of the room on the right side at the objective "Get in Cannon" no longer blocks progression.
  • Ollie - Pomaceous Puzzle: The gas masks will now always spawn when reaching the quest for the first time.
  • Ollie - The Truth Shall Set You Free: After credit cutscene now has subtitles.
  • Ollie - The Truth Shall Set You Free: Using a bobby whistle before triggering the cutscene of the executive committee no longer causes the game to freeze once the cutscene starts.
  • Sally - Bad Dreams: The quest no longer automatically completes after the first cutscene.
  • Sally: Doing a save/load or dying on Wednesday's hill no longer leads to a permanent death loop.



  • Version number increased to 1.4.
  • Localization fixes all over the place.
  • Custom Game option difficulties are now correctly translated.
  • Curfew #1 broadcast now has subtitles.
  • Added missing name in credits


PC only


  • Fixed ALT TAB and closing the application from the desktop menu while having two save slots with game saved caused both slots to merge together.
  • Arthur - Conflict Resolution: Rarely, Danny will equip a rock and try to only attack with it, making it impossible to progress. Danny can no longer throw rocks.
  • UI - Fast Travel: Controller button prompts no longer displayed when using a keyboard and mouse.

 Monday August 20th, 2018

We Happy Few 1.3 - Hotfix


Platform specific versions:


Windows: 1.3.70168

PS4: 1.3.70168

Xbox: 1.3.70173


Patch Summary


The first post-launch binary patch for We Happy Few addresses progression blockers, limited performance issues and crashes.  A larger content update will be available soon, addressing performance optimization and other issues.


All Platforms


  • Sometimes, the “Rise” prompt was not shown when your character respawns sitting on a bench. Now it will be.
  • In rare cases, the keys required to complete the I Sing Body Electric and Ex Cathedra encounters would not spawn. This occurred when the player was spawned too close to the NPC when loading a saved game in a very specific situation.  This issue is resolved for all new players, and players with saves currently experiencing this issue have been given the keys to continue their progression.
  • Using a bobby whistle in a crowd of Wastrels will no longer freeze the game.
  • Fix crash in physics simulation.
  • Fix crash on exit (crash when quitting the game).
  • Fix crash in media framework (returning to the main menu very quickly after saving).
  • Fix crash when applying some status effects.
  • Fix memory leak in status effects. May result in minor performance improvement by reducing HUD performance impact over time.
  • To help with debugging rare world generation issues, the player’s world seed has been added to the pause menu next to the build number.
  • Version number increased to 1.3.


PC only


  • Changing anti-aliasing options had no noticeable effect. These options are now correctly wired into the graphics settings.


Monday, August 28th, 2017

44776 - Life in Technicolour Hotfix 2 Gameplay Alpha 6.2

This is the second PC hotfix for the Life in Technicolour update, and contains a bunch of code
and content fixes to improve the game.


• Fix case where player could get stuck after riding the Jubilator in I Sing Body Electric.
• Fix case where an objective would not complete in Mystery House.
• Fix case where NPCs would be missing upon returning to Mushroom Log.
• Fix an issue with map marker not updating correctly upon posting flyer at 1st location in
Speaker’s Corner.
• Fix the map marker for finding Margery’s diary in Give a Pig a Pancake.
• Fix for unexpected failure of Speaker’s Corner quest.
• Mysterious chest will now open again after finding a bell in it.
• Fix case where Faraday would not talk into the window after you drop off the bucket in House
of the Inventor.
• Make sure eviscerator will spawn on reload if it is needed.
• Fix for the dealer not being invisible inside his cart.


• Create recipe for metal tubes - can be used to create some hard-to-find items.
• Using any health/stamina/regen boost will now give you back an empty syringe in your
• Fix detection direction on worship animation.
• Canteens no longer disappear after being used.


• Allow button hold to move stack of items in a single action.
• Fixed HUD status effects not updating while in the inventory screen on Downer and
• Fix missing bound key for consumable items in inventory.
• Fixed problems with time passing and stat calculations when fast travelling.
• Fixed an issue with key binding displays not updating after they are changed.
• Fixed double clicking to track quests on quest screen.
• Fixed an issue where some of the input displays weren't always updating.
• Added mouse over sounds for the player sub menu buttons.
• Fixed a problem where an invisible UI element was blocking legend entries from being
• Crop status effects in the status effect screen if they are too long.
• Fix for some icons not showing up in the map.
• Fix an issue causing journal entry tracked and unread icons to overlap.


• Fix a few more cases where HDR support could be enabled in old configuration data.
• Add loading screen videos while streaming in-game.
• Fix cases where interaction between vomiting and using a Joy Booth would cause the player
to be stuck inside the booth.
• Fix crash on talking to NPCs in Shibboleth quest.
• Fix a number of other crash cases. 

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

44631 - Life in Technicolour Hotfix 1

This is the first hotfix for the Life in Technicolour release and addresses some of the crash
issues players were encountering. A second hotfix to address blocking issues in quests will be
released in the near future.

Hotfix 1 Changes

  • Fix a number of crash points while moving around the world.

  • NPCs should no longer have ridiculous quantities of loot.

  • Some NPCs that should not be out in the day (or the night) should now better respect their schedules. The plague wastrel invasion should be no more.

  • NPCs should no longer slide all over the place for no good reason. Any sliding should now be intentional sliding.

  • NPCs in Mystery House had a weird backward cone of vision. Cones now face forward.

  • Disabled in-progress support for HDR displays that was causing washed-out graphics for some users. Players may need to restart the game if they still see issues after this update.

  • HDR displays will be supported in our 1.0 release.

  • Fix some issues where players couldn’t remap key bindings.

  • Joy use and coin collected statistics are now reported correctly.

  • Fix for infinite loading screen at the end of the Escape quest.

  • Tab key now closes the inventory menu.

  • Fix some of the loading screen movies that weren’t displaying properly.

  • Added extra checks to localization tool to catch some issues with submitted files

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